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MK INTERNAITONAL Co., Ltd. supplies precision machining, sheet metal working, forging and casting parts, and tanks to demand of customers of domestic and overseas market.
Supplying from China that is our one of main and strong abilities, we contribute to improve procurement cost, lead time and quality of industrial parts used in your products.


❚We, MK INTERNATIONAL, comprehend that the issue of global environment is one of the most important problems. Through the business operations, we do our best to realizing the sustainable growth to plan the coexistence of development of the economy and the maintenance of the global environment. And we aim at reserving rich earth for the next generation.

❚With each employee's cooperation of working on environmental conservation activity, the company shall carry out its business operations aiming at the construction of the environment harmony society that nature and a person can live together continuously.


  • Provide customers with maximum satisfaction by flexible posture and best effort.
  • Keep watching market demand and considering quick and high reliable service as primary concern.
  • Try for promoting rationalization and efficiency with positive thought.
  • From the global view point, make an effort for the development of the company in a new view point.

Company Overview

Established Jun. 30, 2010
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Executive officer Sarina Moriuchi, President & CEO
Location Kannaiekimae Mark Bldg., 3F 2-7-10 Hagoromo cho,
Nakaku Yokohama, Japan
Postal code: 231-0047
Contact Call: +81-45-633-1439
Fax: +81-45-633-1469
Access Take JR Keihin Tohoku Line to Kannai stn., and exit at NORTH gate.
5 minutes walk from NORTH gate.
Take Yokohama subway Blue line to Kannai stn., and exit at No. 2 gate.
5 minutes walk from No. 2 gate.
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